About Thompson Bros. (Constr.) LP

TBCLP has earned a solid reputation as a prime contractor in all aspects of heavy civil earth moving, highway, and oil sands construction projects. We place top priority on work place safety and have deployed forces throughout Western Canada on a wide variety of projects.

TBCLP Overview

TBCLP is 100% Alberta owned and operated with our headquarters on a 16 acre parcel in Spruce Grove, Alberta. This year, we are celebrating our 50th year of operation.

TBCLP compliments its operations with an 8 acre lot in the North Business Park of Fort McMurray having an office and storage yard, as well as 21 acres (Petro Canada Rd Yard Facility) with a 100 man camp, equipment repair maintenance shop and equipment storage yard. This office has company representatives on staff with extensive experience in all aspects of heavy civil and oil sands construction.

Relationships & Alliances

TBCLP is presently working on numerous projects in the Fort McMurray area. Some of our clients include Suncor Mine Site, Firebag, East Athabasca Highway, Athabasca Field Program – Flour / Imperial Oil, Petro-Canada/Suncor – MacKay River, Nexen - Long Lake Project, MEG Energy, Husky Energy - Sunrise, Imperial Oil – Kearl Lake, Shell / Albian – Jackpine Mine, and Alberta Transportation & Infrastructure, as well as commercial and residential developers.

Having the above noted projects in the Fort McMurray area enables us to gear up for heavy workloads and / or redeployment of employees and equipment to other projects, as required.

Competitive Advantage

TBCLP’s strategy is to build on our strengths. We are proud to acknowledge one of the greatest strengths is our employees. Our employees are among the best in the industry when it comes to construction and project management, providing innovative solutions to the client’s needs. TBCLP encourages innovation in employees, which in turn translates into more cost effective projects.

We strive for close working relationships with our clients to achieve strong business results. TBCLP has the people and financial strength to succeed and will do it responsibly and effectively.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Corporate Team Philosophy

All of our key personnel have two common denominators.

The first is that each person has fulfilled the role of his subordinates and therefore can understand and help mitigate the difficulties associated with each role. This affords each manager the opportunity to ensure project challenges are dealt with in the most effective manner.

The second is that all key personnel understand that personal success only comes after team success. The successful completion of projects revolves around a matrix of people, roles / responsibilities and that success is only achieved through all parties working towards team goals.

It is the team philosophy that is the basis of TBCLP’s approach to the corporate QA/QC program outlined in our manual. Our QA/QC processes for each project are carefully assessed for efficiency during the proposal stage and if we are successful in bidding the work, the Quality Controls have already begun implementation.

Safety & Awards

We are the recipient of several significant Safety Awards and Milestones: TBCLP is registered with CanQual with a score of 510 / 510, and ISNetworld scoring GREEN across the board.

  • Suncor EnergyPresident’s Operational Excellence Award - 2003
  • ARHCASafety Award - 2002, 2003 & 2005
  • ARHCAEnvironmental Management Practice Award - 2005
  • Work Safe AlbertaBest Safety Performers - 2005
  • Nexen Inc. : Long Lake ProjectSafety Award - 2006
  • Suncor FirebagLeadership for Safety Award - 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Suncor EnergyPresident's Operational Excellence Award - 2007 Over 1 Million Hours of Safe Work
  • Husky Sunrise220,000 Man Hours LTI Free—To Date
  • Husky Sunrise20,000 Man Hours LTI Free—2008
  • Shell CanadaCarmon Creek - Contractor HSE Milestone Award—2014
Carmon Creek Award

Environmental Policy

TBCLP is committed to the preservation and protection of our environment and will strive to meet or surpass all federal, provincial, municipal laws and contractual requirements set out by the Client.

TBCLP will, at all times and under any circumstances, ensure that:

  • responsibilities are assigned
  • staff is provided with the proper training and that they are aware and competent
  • there is proper communication, operational control, emergency preparedness.
  • that we act promptly and responsibly to correct incidents or conditions that endanger the environment and inform those who may be affected

It is our goal to be responsible to the sensitivity of the environment in every location of which TBCLP operates and as such, have never been charged under Municipal, Provincial or Federal Environmental Legislation.

Local & Aboriginal Content

TBCLP recognizes the importance of a strong local involvement and will employ local/aboriginal personnel and subcontractors wherever possible to benefit both the project and the community.

TBCLP will continue to upgrade its operations and resources to fulfill the region’s requirements. Our contacts for Northern Employment include, but are not limited to:

  • The ATC First Nations Employment office, located in Fort McMurray (780-791-7445) communicates with us when non-skilled and skilled employees enter their data base.
  • Fort McMurray Employment Assistance Service Centre (780-714-3029), Apex Employment and Career Services (780-790-9080), Human Resources and Development Canada, all provide services to TBCL, as above.
  • The Aboriginal Human Resources Development Council of Canada has requested TBCLP to provide input on employment and training of the Aboriginal community, across Canada.
  • The Councils of the Driftpile Cree Nation and Janvier First Nations have been in discussion with TBCLP to further the training and employment opportunities of their people.

TBCLP has maintained ongoing working relationships with Fort Chipewyan First Nations, Bear Slashing, Tuccaro Inc. Group of Companies, IPS Medical of Fort McKay, CenterFire Contracting of Anzac as well as the Driftpile Cree and Alexis First Nations, to provide various clearing, excavation and grading operations to supplement our core strengths.

Local, Aboriginal & Canadian Content Analysis

An analysis of our payroll from December 2008 to December 2009 reveals the following demographics:

Total Direct Hire Employees within 100 km of Fort McMurray


Total Direct Hire Employees within 300 km of Fort McMurray


Total Direct Hire Employees within 500 km of Fort McMurray


Total Direct Hire Employees within 700 km of Fort McMurray


Total Direct Hire Employees within 900 km of Fort McMurray


Total Direct Hire Employees within Alberta


Total Direct Hire Employees within Canada (All other Provinces)


Total Direct Hire Employees all Construction Activities (Alberta)


Aboriginal content is very important to TBCLP and our Clients. Of the above noted 2009 Alberta Direct Hire Employees, the following identifies Aboriginal content:

Direct Hire


Driftpile Cree Nation




Fort McKay


Cold Lake First Nation


Saddle Lake First Nation


Buck Lake


Slave Lake












Bear Slashing


Fort Chipewyan First Nations




This total was quantified through the mailing addresses of our payroll list, as well as subcontractor hiring records and represents 13.18% Aboriginal Content. This does not include Aboriginal content from out of province.

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