Suncor Firebag Stage 3+ Firebag Village

This project consisted of new campsite construction, muskeg stripping, roads, ditching, geotextiles and granular surfacing.


Suncor Energy Inc.

Project Location:

Suncor Firebag Village - 140 km north of Fort McMurray

Major Quantities:

Muskeg Stripping - 220,000 m3
Overburden - 132,000 m3
Clay Fill - 440,000 m3
Ditch Excavation - 9,500 m3
Granular Surfacing - 7,000 m3
Geotextiles - 48,000 m2

Contract Type:

Reimbursable Hourly Contract


General Contractor

Contract Awarded:

February 2007

Work Commenced:

March 2007

Work Completed:

July 2007

Project Duration:

134 Days

Number of Workers:

Up to 300

Project Image

Project Image

Project Image